Global IP Sound to announce video product

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Global IP Sound to announce video product

In a few weeks Global IP Sound (GIPS) will unveil a new product to complement the GIPS VoiceEngine Suite called VoiceEngine Multimedia. This will add high-quality video capabilities to the VoiceEngine product line. It's a natural extension to GIPS' renowned voice engine that is used in Skype, Google Talk, and other VoIP products. Global IP Sound's engine is the reason why Skype sounds so damn good - ditto for Google Talk, due to GIPS's ability to handle packet loss, latency, etc.

The initial release will incorporate On2’s VP7 codec, which is a high quality video codec. Future releases will include standard video codecs, such as H.263 and H.264. This product will also contain all of the standards included in GIPS VoiceEngine.

I wonder if Skype or Google Talk will encorporate GIPS video features soon after this is released? That would be pretty cool.

In addition, in a few weeks GIPS will discuss several new partnerships that will complete the audio and video solution including the previously mentioned On2 Technologies, but also Pingtel.

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