GlobalNet's Turn Key Consumer VoIP Solution Launches

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GlobalNet's Turn Key Consumer VoIP Solution Launches

Interesting news from a Latin America-based VoIP company which is launching a new service at the Miami-based VoIP show I am covering. I find it fascinating how many Latin American companies come to the Miami-based Internet Telephony Expo to launch new products and services. I've been to all the past Miami Internet Telephony Expos and it seems like year after year this show draws a stronger Latin American presence.

Sure, the Los Angeles-based Internet Telephony Expo draws several Latin American companies and I've seen a few Latin American companies at VON, but neither of these shows have the massive number of Latin American companies and even Latin American attendees. I've looked at the attendee demographics for the Miami show and the number of attendees from Latin America is staggering! The Miami show is it if you are looking for Latin American-based VoIP solutions period.

In any event, GlobalNet is launching a turn-key VoIP solution targetting service providers, ISPs, etc. called iDial IP. Think of it as a hosted Vonage solution. If you want to be the "next Vonage", you can use GlobalNet's hosted solution. There are other companies offering hosted broadband VoIP solutions, including VoIP Americas (now owned by VoIP, Inc.),, and others.

Check out the release:

GlobalNet to Unveil The Ultimate Turn Key Consumer VOIP Solution for Service Providers at the INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & EXPO Miami, Feb. 24, 2005.

GlobalNet Corp, Ranked Among the Top 10 Service Providers of International Wholesale Voice and Fax Termination to Mexico, Central and South America, is Proud to Announce the Launch of the Most Flexible Private Label Consumer VOIP Platform designed and built specifically for Service Providers.

The Completely Customizable Solution known as iDial IP, ( provides everything required to turn an existing Service Provider into a Leader in VOIP technology without undertaking any of the obstacles involved in building out a Carrier Class VOIP Platform.

iDial IP is a Private Label Solution designed for ISPs, Cable Companies, Telcos, and all other Providers desiring to offer VOIP services to their Local Market.

The iDial IP platform is operated by GlobalNet's Proprietary VOIP Software Package which allows Clients to build a completely custom solution to fit the needs of specific local markets.

iDial IP's Flexible Billing Engine Provides Web Based functionality for managers to setup Custom Calling Plans by Country or Region with Custom Rate Management for Profitability Control.

The Consumer experience is powered by Linksys VOIP Hardware and is completely Plug and Play while providing advanced calling features such as Follow Me Services, Web Based Voicemail a nd Real Time Accounting features.

GlobalNet Corp is ranked among the top ten US service providers of International Wholesale Voice and Fax Termination to Latin America, and counts more than 30 Tier 1 and Tier 2 carriers as customers, apart from a host of other reputed global service providers and major international telecommunications organizations including AT&T, MCI/WorldCom, Qwest, Global Crossing, IDT, Broadwing and ITXC.

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