GlobalTouch Telecom partnering with Auvi Technologies

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GlobalTouch Telecom partnering with Auvi Technologies

GlobalTouch Telecom, Inc. announced today it is partnering with Auvi Technologies, who makes a really cool VoIP phone, the Auvi PHIP100 that features a camera and built-in speakerphone (image to right). From the CES newswire:

The strategic partnership enables Auvi to offer a compelling turnkey solution in the VoIP arena with a leading service provider, while GlobalTouch Telecom expands its retail distribution reach for its SIPTalk(TM) service on
Auvi's VoIP-enabled hardware. The partnership furthermore signals the increasing recognition of VoIP in the mainstream consumer voice market.

"The Auvi partnership gets us an in with end users in a crowded VoIP market with a package that comprises Auvi's innovatively designed
VoIP-enabled devices and our SIPTalk(TM) VoIP service, starting at $4.95 per month," says Greg O. Welch, CEO of GlobalTouch Telecom, Inc. "If you have a boring, utilitarian handset fronting your VoIP platform, you can bet you will be passed up for the more attractive one, no matter how good the service might be. This agreement makes this problem go away."

GlobalTouch Telecom's SIPTalk(TM) VoIP solution behind the service offers Auvi customers a comprehensive array of communications features within monthly service plans, ranging from as little as $4.95 to $19.95 per month. Service plans include U.S. or Canada DIDs, varied outgoing minutes and free incoming calls, as well as features such as virtual answering machine with voicemail to email functionality, caller ID and free calling between SIPTalk(TM) account holders.

The SIPTalk(TM) VoIP platform furthermore offers Auvi users a real fax option as well as the CallBlast(TM) custom call forwarding application. CallBlast(TM) is a combination of traditional call forwarding and one number find me follow me services. The application enables users to set calls to ring simultaneously in the office, mobile and home phones, or ring in any sequence and with whatever delay they decide to set.

"Consumers need to know exactly what is out there in terms of VoIP options to take full advantage of this technology," said Santosh Patel, CEO and president of Auvi Technologies. "Auvi's expertise lies within delivering high-quality hardware products within creative designs. Combining our 2006 product line-up with the features and sound-performance of GlobalTouch Telecom's SIPTalk service, consumers have a total solution and can use VoIP services at the industry's lowest monthly rates."

The first Auvi product with SIPTalk(TM) service will be in retail stores in early Q1 2006.

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