GLOOTIX offers encrypted VoIP

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GLOOTIX offers encrypted VoIP

I came across a new VoIP company, called GLOOTIX, that is offering VoIP encryption and they are utilizing the SIP standard. According to their blog, "Today, we're celebrating the birth of the first encrypted VoIP provider in Europe! GLOOTIX arrives, and with it, VoIP becomes finally safe while remaining economic. Take the time to discover details of this offer, check the GLOOTIX Blog!"

More info from their GLOOTIX's website:

For the first time ever you can have access to a real secured and unlimited VoIP calls package :
Secured: Encrypted communications under SIP protocol ""
Unlimited :" You can call anywhere in Europe* at anytime"
No tricks, no commitment, no other fees
Just for 19,90 EUR
This offer ends on March 1st 2006.

I actually found the website's blog through Technorati when I was trying to determine who was linking to me. The original info on I found from their blog which apparently is their first blog post posted today just a few hours ago! Sometimes it's better to be lucky than a good journalist! ;)

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