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Got VoIP?

So you think you're a VoIP fan, do ya? Well, you got nothing on Kancharla, who not only provides hosted VoIP termination, but they're such big fans of VoIP that several of the cars in their corporate parking lot have license plates with VoIP in them. Check out the photos I captured when I visited them down in Huntsville, Alabama:

I was actually thinking I might put a vanity plate on my Dodge Viper that says "Got VoIP" but that would probably just confuse the next officer that pulls me over for not speeding and whose only knowledge of VoIP is the Vonage commercials.

In any event, I should tell you what Kancharla does. They provide end-to-end VoIP solutions for Service Providers including ISPs, MSOs, and CLECs. Their [Tone]IP service is an integrated solution which including product development/bundling, network/engineering design & implementation, sales/marketing support, billing, and OSS. They have several POPs across the nation, including their main HQ down in Alabama and also provide 3500+ rate centers in the USA, Canada, and Mexico to give you a large selection of DID phone numbers.

Their solution is SIP-based and using their platform service providers can deploy services such as Hosted PBX (IP Centrex), Trunk Replacement (Integrated T1/POTS), and Residential (CLASS 5) very quickly. According to Kancharla it can "be done in under 30 days with very little capital. This allows service providers to take advantage of the demand for hosted VoIP solutions today and to create a more loyal customer base with increasing revenues and margins." They also told me that they support e911 in most of their rate centers. One example company using Kancharla's VoIP platform is Knology, which offers a hosted PBX solution branded as Knology Matrix based on Kancharla's [Tone]IP.

They seem to have a very good hosted VoIP solution and unlike some of their competitors in the hosted VoIP space who seem to be on a buying/merging/shopping spree, Kancharla espoused to me their conservative roots and desire to grow steadily while keeping their customers happy - rather than try and make a big buck via some mega-VoIP merger. Kudos to them for putting their customers first!

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