Grandstream Lands First and Only IP-PBX on Skype Store

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Grandstream Lands First and Only IP-PBX on Skype Store

Apparently, Grandstream landed a lucrative and exclusive spot on the Skype Store. Sorry Avaya, Cisco, Digium, Fonality, etc.

Specifically, the Skype Store lists the Grandstream GXE5028 IP PBX. I reviewed another model in the series called the GXE5024 which you can check out here. The only differences being the number of conferences 2 (GXE5024) or 4 (GXE5028) and up to 12 (GXE5024) or 20 (GXE5028) simultaneous participants from PSTN trunks, SIP trunks or internal extensions.

Nice win for Grandstream! I think the big question is do people buy IP-PBXs online and not through a channel where they can get support. I think some SMBs might be willing to purchase IP-PBXs online if they have the internal technical know-how, but for bigger IP-PBX systems, I don't see online purchasing happening.

Or if it does, the online store will have to partner with VARs, integrators, etc. to offer support should the need arise.

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