Group ranks VoIP #2 in list of "confusing" tech buzzwords

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Group ranks VoIP #2 in list of "confusing" tech buzzwords

Interesting news from Russell Shaw about the most confusing tech buzzwords. Guess whose #2? Give you one guess. If you guessed "VoIP", well...... give that man a cigar!

From IP Telephony:

The Global Language Monitor (GLM) is a self-appointed group that covers the fungible world of word meanings and usage.Recently, GLM published their Top 10 Most Confusing (yet widely used) High-Tech Buzzwords. The compilation was generated from what the group calls "a worldwide Internet and media analysis."VoIP was number 2. Next to the listing, the GLM comments: "VoIP, (pronounced [...] (Russell Shaw) Read more from this post.

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