Halloween in VoIP Land

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Halloween in VoIP Land

Fonality folks know how to work hard and play hard as they let off some steam for Halloween. Depicted here are the CEO (Chris Lyman) and Director of Engineering (Samy Kamkar) for Fonality. I'll let you guess who is who.


While we're on the topic of Halloween, here's a short video of my wearing a skeleton/Death costume with a chest piece that squirts blood when I squeeze the heart in my hand. Alas I didn't capture that in this video, but still worth a look:

If you are in the VoIP industry and have a cool Halloween costume to share, send me a picture and I'll try and post it.

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Feedback for Halloween in VoIP Land


Thanks for putting this up Tom, and hello from the Fonality team!

David Kullmann
Operations Manager

I just went through your post and I must say I enjoyed it. The snap was a very good one and the video was the one that I liked the most. Keep up the good work.

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