Hictu! online address book with presence

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Hictu! online address book with presence

We all have problems with our multiple digital address books, multiple IM/VoIP clients, which affects productivity - both professionally and personally. Checking each client to see which buddies are online or to look for a specific buddy is a pain if you run multiple clients like most of us do. So I was intrigued when Luca emailed me a tip about Hictu! and pointed me to the news in his blog. In his blog, he writes:
What about having a "live" address book which provides information about your contacts' availability ? What about a presence-based address book ? What about something which really improves your "responsiveness" ? Hictu! is the solution. It's the latest product coming from Abbeynet, where our engineers work hard to create innovative services in the field of VoIP, presence and web. It has been released as a beta preview, so more features are still missed and will be available in the next upcoming versions.

Well, amen, brother! Hictu! integrated several popular IM/VoIP clients including MSN, Skype, Jabber, AIM, ICQ, Abbeyphone and Sitofono.


Even better, in the the next couple of weeks they plan to add the following features:
- Mobile presence (through a lightweight Symbian/Java client which will be linked to your mobile status and use)
- GTalk presence
- SightSpeed presence
- Gizmo Project presence
- Click to Call (already available for Abbeyphone and Sitofono)
- Hictu! widget
- Premium account (SMS, VoIP etc.)
- SuperStatus (what is it ? stay tuned...)
- FREE voicemail
- Firefox and Thunderbird add-ons
- many other cool features

Nicely done Luca! I'll have to try it out when I get a chance. Check out the site for more. No if I could only figure out what Hictu means.

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