Hotmail founder launches VoiFi VoIP application

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Hotmail founder launches VoiFi VoIP application

Sabeer Bhatia, the founder
of HotMail, has launched VoiFi a P2P VoIP application. I checked out the website and the features and all I can say is ho-hum. I don't even see PSTN termination capabilities listed. I would have expected more from Sabeer, who is a dotcom legend, getting paid millions for Hotmail by Microsoft.

Here, see the features below for youself, which just about every VoIP client has been there, done that. Sheesh, we now have more VoIP softphone/IM clients than I have hair on my head. Though, my male pattern baldness might change that in a year or two. :(

VoiFi features
Multi-party text chat (Instant Messaging):

VoiFi allows our users to not only send instant text messages any other online user (even while talking with them) but also invite other users to join the chat session. In other words, if you need to send say an address, a phone number, or a large piece of text while talking to someone you can simply send them an instant message. And by-the-way, you can also add any of our unique emoticons (them smiley faces) to your message if you wish to do so.

Text Messaging:

Unlike instant messaging, VoiFi also allows you to send a text message to other users even when they are off-line. When any of our user goes online, they can view their pending messages and respond to them through either a live chat (if the sender is on-line) or a response messages.

Voice Messaging as well as Voicemail:

VoiFi comes bundled with a full featured voicemail which enables our users to leave voice messages for others if they are unable to reach them. Additionally, VoiFi provides voice messaging through which users can send each other voice messages (similar to text messages) regardless of whether the recipients are online. This promotes efficiency in communication where not every interaction need be 'online'. In other words, VoiFi empowers its users to manage their time and control their own mode of communication.

User specific 'Avatars':

With VoiFi, a user can color his/her own online 'personality', among other things, with any images they might deem suitable when they are online or offline including their own pictures. One simply needs to upload and associate their images with their profile and status. Of course, anonymity is also respected. We provide a set of our own default images for the users to choose from.

Customized Ring and Call Tones:

To add some fun to your VoiFi experience, just like your mobile phone, you can set your own ring (in-coming) and call (out-going) tones in VoiFi. You can make use of a range of tones provided by VoiFi or upload your own sound clips.

Voice Conferencing:

For VoiFi P2P is not just Person-to-Person. Based on your need, you can invite your other family members, friends, or business colleagues to your phone conversations. VoiFi bring the convenience 3-way conferencing to all our users with no deterioration in voice quality.

Group Dial:

To promote its principles of 'universality and versatility', VoiFi has added yet another unique feather to its hat. Our users have now the ability to define and name (e.g. a keyword) their own user groups and publish them either on selective or universal basis. The creator/administrator of a group then can grant access to other users (non-members) to the group. Once such access is granted a user can simply call the group, and VoiFi will connect the user to the first available member of the group.

Group Dial can be used by business, families, and friends alike for their own needs - customer support, affinity groups, soccer moms, emergency contacts ...

File Transfers:

VoiFi has made available its state-of-the-art P2P network for its users to transfer files among each other. Our users can avoid the limitations of size or complexity of mechanism for transferring that bulky content - family pictures, business documents, customer presentations - though email attachments, or ftp, or what have you. With a few clicks you can distribute any content to one or more users quickly and efficiently.

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