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HotRecorder's Free VoIP Call Recording

Yesterday, I received this comment in my VoIP Blog: under my ActionTec Internet Phone Wizard w/ Skype review

Hey guys... I have just tried this new recording tool that works with all my VoIP softwares! It is really awesome! You are able to record your conversations, archive them, and send for free... You are able to send recorded greetings and messages, too. Try it out by downloading from this website There is a free version that works really good. I've been looking for a tool like this for a while now, and this is the only one I've found, and it is amazing! Not sure who this guys are, but they rock!

I did check them out yesterday, but was too busy to blog about them. VoIP call recording is a very hot topic. I've seen many threads in the VoIP Forums about "call recording" in fact from people looking for software to record their VoIP conversations. Now I just read that United Virtualities, the developers of the HotRecorder software mentioned in the comments section of my blog, "officially" launched HotRecorder today. I guess it was "unofficially" launched in the comments section of my blog!

Essentially, the HotRecorder lets people record their phone conversations and then tag the file with a few keywords so that they can retrieve the conversation later by searching on those terms. I should point out that the software does not search on text within the conversation.

HotRecorder works with PC-initiated calls through Skype, AOL Instant Messenger, Net2Phone, Yahoo Messenger and probably others. The free version of the software is supported by advertisements that are targeted according to the consumer's location, gender or age or you can buy the software ad-free for $14.95.

The ads are shown on the application, which launches each time a person initiates a VoIP phone conversation. The software also supports something called "emotisounds". According to HotRecorder's website, "Emotisounds are sounds that express moods and emotions with humor. As a HotRecorder user, you will be able to use Emotisounds whenever you are having a voice communication over the Internet, RECORDED OR NOT. They include, kisses, claps, laughs, cries and many others."

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