How to distribute VoIP in your house

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How to distribute VoIP in your house

VoIP Lowdown has the lowdown on distributing VoIP thought your house. He covers all the bases and all the stuff you will need to consider if you want to deploy VoIP thoughout your home using your existing wiring. When I had Vonage, I spliced my Vonage line (analog port from the Cisco ATA-186) into my house's wiring, so all of my RJ11 phone jacks would have an analog signal. This way all of my corded phones could make and receive calls using my VoIP line

In order to do this, I had to disconnect my outside wiring from the telco since I didn't want any voltage coming in via the telephone company. Even if you cancel your traditional telco analog PSTN line, you can still have voltage on that line, which will conflict with the voltage provided by your ATA device. Could even fry it...

So best to be safe and simply disconnect it at the junction box on the side of most houses. Sometimes it's in the basement.

Uniden TRU-8885-2 Later, I switched to a Uniden 5.8Ghz TRU8885-2, which is a 100% wireless/cordless multi-handset phone system. Ok, technically not 100% cordless/wireless since it does require 1 wired connection to the analog port on the ATA device. Obviously, I connected the Uniden base unit (the transmitter to the other handsets) to the ATA's analog port and then I used the other 3 cordless phones throughout the house. This is a much simpler solution for those looking to have multiple phones throughout the house without messing with your house's phone wiring. Plus you get cordless functionality to boot!

There are other multi-handset cordless models as well, including the Panasonic KX-TG6052B 5.8 GHz Cordless Telephone.

One cool model is the Vtech I5871, which features a 65k color handset display and animated color picture ID. You can even customize the ringer using sounds from your PC! Cool!

Here's a picture of this cool multi-handset cordless phone system:
Vtech I5871 cordless phone

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