Hurricane Katrina and VoIP

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Hurricane Katrina and VoIP

I'm just wondering how long it will take before I receive a press release from a VoIP company with a "hurricane spin" to it to try and maximize the exposure and impact it has. I'm expecting something like:

Company XYZ's fault-tolerant VoIP infrastructure performed flawlessly in a worst-case disaster scenario. A company representative was quoted as saying "This is further proof of our superior VoIP technology. Even with 160+MPH winds our VoIP platform stayed online. Even when customers lost power we automatically re-routed their VoIP calls to their cell phones. We successfully forwarded over 40,000 calls to customer's secondary phone line which just shows the power and flexibility of our solution."

Regardless of the exact text of the release, I for one will be a tad annoyed at any company using a natural disaster with people's lives and property destroyed as a marketing means.

So lay your bets now - which VoIP company will be first to leverage Hurricane Katrina? Which VoIP company will leverage the hurricane disaster for some "marketing spin"?

Whoever it is, out of principle, I won't be blogging it here.

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