I Want My... I Want My Wideband Telephony

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I Want My... I Want My Wideband Telephony

I Want My Wideband Telephony (MTV)TMCnet columnist Rick Bye, senior segment marketing manager with Zarlink, has an excellent column today on TMCnet regarding wideband telephony aptly titled "Where Is My Wideband Telephony?".

Rick opines, "While many consumer VoIP services have been phenomenally successful — many service providers are now boasting subscriber counts in the millions — I am still disappointed that virtually no VoIP operators have chosen to differentiate their services by offering wideband telephony. Most VoIP service providers are competing with traditionalPSTN operators, yet very few providers do anything to differentiate their IP-based service from the 100-year-old POTS service, except perhaps to offer a lower price, and/or bundle VoIP with broadband and maybe TV service."

He covers everything from FXS to DECT to Verizon FiOS to DSL IADs and everything in-between -- and how it relates to wideband telephony. Go check it out. It's a good read.

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