IBM and VoIP Solutions

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IBM and VoIP Solutions

I've blogged, VoIP - Where are you IBM? as well as IBM and VoIP - two blog entries asking myself "Just where is IBM in the VoIP space?".

Basically, in my mind, IBM has been notable absent from the VoIP space, which is why it was worth blogging twice.

Well, here is an excellent read about IBM's VoIP plans. According to this article, it appears that right now IBM in Australia & New Zealand is focusing on bringing VoIP to their 40,000 Australian & New Zealand employees.

IBM is very high on "SIP" and sees SIP as the means to enable their large mobile workforce to be more productive via presence, follow-me, and other SIP-based functionality. But according to this article they have projects within the healthcare industry (voice over WiFi) that is doing well and I can certainly foresee IBM offering VoIP solutions for the call center industry as well.

IBM's Telephony crusaders

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