iConnectHere offers free Linksys PAP2 Router and first month free

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iConnectHere offers free Linksys PAP2 Router and first month free

Linksys PAP2iConnectHere (powered by Deltathree) is offering a free Linksys PAP2 router, the first month free, and FREE worldwide shipping. I wonder if I lived in Nigeria, the Amazon jungle or Zimbabwe how much that would cost iConnectHere to ship? That would be quite some cost they'd be eating. Anyway, iConnecthere requires a one-year committment (pretty typical these days) and the Linksys PAP2 is "free" via a $55 rebate. I inquired if the PAP2 was locked and they told me that indeed it was - again pretty typical of these ATA/router devices these days. iConnectHere told me that the free Linksys PAP2 and free first month program just started today. I inquired how long the program may last and they said it's an open-ended program which could last a month or longer.

They also offer a 30 day no-risk guarantee if you want to try it out. Finally, I should point out that they're not strictly targetting the U.S. to go up against the likes of Vonage - though you can certainly compare the two VoIP providers and determine which is the better deal. In fact, iConnectHere's support for international numbers should draw some interest from potential international customers. Definitely worth checking out.

Although, the Linksys PAP2 is locked, you can use SIP-based softphones with iConnectHere since it is SIP-based. The Apple Blog has a nice detailed explanation using the SJphone you should check out.

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