Intel targets VoIP?

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Intel targets VoIP?

I just read the news that Intel today announced record revenue of $9.96 billion for the third quarter, up 18 percent year-over-year and up 8 percent sequentially. Intel never seems to surprise me. Several years ago, some coworkers of mine and I were playing stock options on "Option Friday" (third Friday of the month) and Intel was one of our favorite stock option plays, as was Dell. Both always seemed to surprise analysts and never seem to reach a monetary ceiling. Just when you thought these two stocks peaked, they continued to surprise.

In any event, the Intel revenue numbers got me thinking about Intel in the VoIP industry and how they should be able to make money in the VoIP industry as well. I should mention that Intel purchased Dialogic, a manufacturer of telephony & VoIP resource cards a few years back, but for the most part, Intel has been eerily silent on the VoIP front, except maybe for their Host Media Processing (HMP) platform. Several sources told me Intel plans on making a huge push into the VoIP market at the end of this year or early next year. Whether or not this is simply a marketing push to capture more market share or a slew of new VoIP products remains to be seen, but I'll keep my eye on Intel and report back here.

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