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Internet Telephony check list

I leave for Internet Telephony Expo tomorrow and I figured I may as well use my blog here as my checklist for stuff I need to do in preparation for the show. I am going to be crazy busy at this show with several appointments, I'm moderating a session, and I hope to blog all the cool stuff happening at the show.

Tom Keating's pre-Internet Telephony Conference & Expo checklist

  • Bring Nokia N90 phone to ITEXPO and do some live video blogging (vlogs) of the show. I only have a 64MB MMC card though. :( Thought the Nokia N90 used SD. I was going to pick up a 1GB SD card so I can do some large vlogs. MMC cards are hard to find at retail, and don't have time to order it online.Anyone wanna lend me a large MMC card during the show?
  • Bring 250 business cards. I'll probably need em' all too.
  • Bring both badges. One is a press badge titled "CTO & Executive Technology Editor" and the other is titled "VoIP & Gadget Freak". ;) Actually the other badge is a "TMC Management" badge with the same title that enables me to get into top secret places no else can. :D
  • Bring laptop with DVD player and headphones. (make sure laptop is full charged)
  • Don't forget EVDO card for ubiquitous wireless Internet access.
  • Fill up Jeep with gas so don't have to fill up in NY or on way home from airport.
  • Print calendar of appointments.
  • Pack protein bars (come in handy when don't have time to eat a sit down meal.)
  • Bring sneakers to give my feet a rest at night time due to walking the show floor in dress shoes.
  • Charge and pack the iPod
  • Bring Canon digital camera Use Nokia N90 2MP camera instead - one less thing to carry to show floor.
  • Write review of the Nokia N90 that I have been neglecting to do.
  • Bring Skype Cordless DUALphone I just received in the mail to play around with.

I think I've got everything covered, though I have this feeling that I'm forgetting something. Hmmm...

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