Internet Telephony Magazine Celebrates 100th issue

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Internet Telephony Magazine Celebrates 100th issue

Internet Telephony Magazine 100th issue
Internet Telephony Magazine 100th issue
(the phones are the RTX LAN DUALphone if curious)

I just got my copy of the October issue of Internet Telephony Magazine which celebrates the 100th issue and 9th birthday of the foremost IP communications magazine. (the 100th issue is a whopping 172 pages!) In 1996, within CTI Magazine, the precuror to Internet Telephony Magazine, I wrote the first product review of one of the true pioneers of VoIP - Vocaltec - who invented the 1st VoIP softphone. Soon after, in 1997 Internet Telephony was launched and we were told by experts in telecom that we were crazy to launch a magazine focused on voice over IP. It's amazing to see how far VoIP and other types of IP communications has come in just 9 years.

I would be remiss if I didn't quote Rich Tehrani's Publisher's Outlook in this 100th issue where he talks about the 9 year ride. Rich posted an excerpt of the Publisher's Outlook on his blog:

100 issues - wow - it has been an amazing ride. If you can believe it, the magnitude of this issue didn’t hit me until I sat down and started to write this column. As many of you know, in 1997 when we decided to launch a magazine titled Internet Telephony most people thought we were crazy. They told us outright that we were nuts. Certainly this attitude in the market was a bit scary when starting a new magazine as the vendors who were mocking us were the exact ones we were supposed to be writing about.

Rich also explains how this special issue includes comments from the Top 100 voices in the IP communications space, as well as some honorable mentions that didn't make the list. Jeff Pulver earns a congratulatory remark by Rich when he writes:
Jeff Pulver was certainly another colorful figure in the world of VoIP. Jeff’s VON conference became a gathering of industry insiders trying to figure out what to make of this whole VoIP phenomenon. The event became a good partnering venue and to this day it’s still a good partnering locale for companies in the VoIP space. Jeff has also played a big part in the legal scene, advocating that VoIP should have minimal regulation.

I am extremely proud of the TMC team that helped build Internet Telephony Magazine as one of the premiere IP communications magazines. I'd like to personally congratulate Greg Galitzine (Group Editorial Director) and Rich Tehrani (Group Publisher/President) for doing a fabulous job in steering the direction and content of the magazine since its inception.

I'd also like to thank the Art Department team, including Lisa Morris and Alan Urkawich for providing excellent graphics and art work for the magazine and for doing a bang-up job with laying out the magazine each month. Erik Linask (Associate Editor) also deserves credit for assisting Greg with the editorial content. Newcomer Richard "Zippy" Grigonis (Executive Editor) has been covering the telecom space longer than just about anyone and we're glad to have him on the TMC team.

There are too many other people in the TMC organization that help put Internet Telephony Magazine together that I would have to thank, so let me just send a general thank you to everyone on the TMC team on a job well done!

Happy 9th birthday/100th issue everyone!!!

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