Interoute To Unveil ARENA

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Interoute To Unveil ARENA

Nick McMenemy, VP and Spokesman of Interoute, will be in New York City next Tuesday April 19th to unveil a new technology named ARENA that Interout promises to change the way the telecom business is conducted in Europe and the U.S. as well as around the world by empowering enterprises. Interoute is a promising contender in the alternative carrier segment looking to be a true leader in the near future. They compete with the likes of Level3 (wthout the debt) and others.

Interoute claims, "to be Europe's fastest growing telecom provider and owner / operator of the world's most advanced and densely connected voice and data network with unlimited capacity is giving its major competitors Level 3 and Colt a big headache." According to Interoute, Interoute's software-based offering (versus legacy / hardware) has given it a terrific advantage by driving down it cost base and fueling stellar growth. Interoute has already built and controls a homogeneous network -- stretching from the U.S. to Russia and Copenhagen to Athens -- that allows it to offer value-added services at margin levels as high as 80%. This platform has enabled the company to win every major telecom transit deal in Europe last year fueling a growth curve of 600%.

Carriers, mobile operators, service providers, enterprise customers and even government agencies from around the world have sought out Interoute because of the ease that they can "plug and play" on the Interoute platform at any point to deliver multiple services in mission critical and emerging markets. In essence, Interoute provides a land bridge across the entire European continent to virtually any destination bypassing the traditional players and the associated costs. Interoute has focused on growth segments including enterprise VoIP, long haul ethernet, file to file sharing security and encryption, as well as new technologies soon to be released to attract U.S. businesses to service their multinational organizations and clients, including Ford Motor, Sprint, Masergy, Akamai, BMW, Airbus, EMI, and many others.

Interoute's PR person pitched a meeting with Interoute by stating, "Interoute has a great story to tell from its clever restructuring that left it debt free; to how it is taking advantage of the Euro telecom market consolidation with 5 acquisitions last year and one soon to be announced; to how it has become the champion for smaller telecom and ISP players allowing them access to new markets and new services without Cap Ex."

Since TMC is 1 hour from NYC, I hope to be able to schedule a meeting with Interoute to hear about their plans. Stay tuned...

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