Interviews with Top 60 VoIP Movers and Shakers...

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Interviews with Top 60 VoIP Movers and Shakers...

Rich Tehrani has a nice roundup of 60 interviews he's done with many of the major "movers and shakers" in the VoIP / IP communications industry.

Rich writes:

Whenever I go to a conference, I learn a tremendous amount from the people I meet at the show. I really enjoy the impromptu networking which takes place at events as it allows me to learn so much about what is happening in the market....{snip}

In less than two weeks the world with gather at ITEXPO -- The World's Communications Conference to help select products for purchase, learn about the latest events in the telecom market and network with peers.

It is this last area where this blog entry should be of maximal benefit. You see, over the past month or so I have been interviewing the telecom movers and shakers who will be coming to ITEXPO. I certainly didn't interview every mover and shaker (exactly what is a telecom shaker anyway wink  ) but this list should give you a good idea who some of the speakers and exhibitors will be at this year's show.

Some of the movers & shakers Rich interviewed include Digium, Skype, AT&T, Fonality, Mitel, Aspect, and more. Rich's blog enter includes a nice organized table list of the interviews letting you read the companies you're interested in. Like Rich said, many of these movers & shakers will be at ITEXPO which is less than 2 weeks away. I'm going to be there and hope to do some on-site interviews. Hope to see you there!

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