Iotum supports Epygi Quadro IP-PBX

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Iotum supports Epygi Quadro IP-PBX

I just wanted to share this quick bit of news from Iotum and Epygi before I head back into the exhibit hall. Iotum has some interesting & innovative technology that I will have to check out on the show floor. You can get a flavor for Iotum does from the release below. Epygi also has some interesting VoIP technology targetting the VoIP SMB market. I actually reviewed their product for Internet Telephony here.

Iotum to support Epygi Quadro 3.1 release iotum Relevance Engine™ to be integrated with Epygi Quadro

(Los Angeles, CA and Ottawa, Ontario—October 26, 2005) iotum, developers of the iotum Relevance EngineTM, today announced support for Epygi Technologies Quadro line of IP PBX’s.

iotum and Epygi have formed a strategic alliance to develop and deploy Voice 2.0 offerings based on iotum’s patent-pending Relevance Engine for Epygi’s SOHO and small to medium Business customers.

Epygi’s Quadro IP PBX already combines firewall, router, IP PBX and voicemail, as well as delivering customers enhanced features like call queues within a single affordable box for small and medium businesses.
iotum’s Relevance Engine is the world’s first application to intelligently assess the significance of any call, and automatically routes that call to the most appropriate destination. Together, the Quadro IP PBX and iotum’s Relevence Engine delivers the perfect combination of hardware, software and applications for the growing business.

“The small business world is all about human contact,”
said Dr. Howard Thaw, Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer of Iotum. “For small businesses, iotum cost effectively mimics the skills of an assistant, including knowing how to really handle important callers that are on the line.”

Integrated with calendar, presence and contacts, iotum’s Relevance Engine utilizes user preferences and context to determine the importance of each call and then intelligently routes the call to the proper place.

“Our customers want advanced applications from phone systems. iotum’s Relevance Engine provides the first quantum leap in feature enhancements beyond the already available set that most IP-PBX solutions offer today,” said Jeff Kirchner, CEO/President of Epygi.
“With the Relevance Engine active, the right call gets to the right person, at the right time.”

The iotum Relevance Engine will be available for Epygi Quadro owners in 2006.

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