IP Inferno has got VoIP Developer covered!

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IP Inferno has got VoIP Developer covered!

In my absence from the VoIP Developer show I have to rely on reports from bloggers, journalists and other news outlets. Sean Wolfe over at IP Inferno has been doing a great job blogging the VoIP Developer show.

In his first post from two days ago, Sean writes a blog entry titled "Packed to the Gills" describing how well attended the VoIP Developer show is so far. He even does a comparison/contrast of VoIP Developer with MacWorld which was also in San Francisco back in January and states that MacWorld "was a pale shadow of past events". He goes onto put it in perspective of course, since MacWorld has about 40x the floor space compared to the VoIP Developer show. Still, any time a VoIP tradeshow is compared with a major tradeshow such as MacWorld, you have to take notice. Rich Tehrani and the rest of the TMC team have once again put together a stellar VoIP conference event! - and it's still going on! Today is the last day of the VoIP Developer show, so if you're in the S.F. area you should go check it out.

In this same blog entry, Sean also cites some Gartner research claiming when VoIP will plateau. I don't want to steal all his glory so go check out the article.

Today, (as Sean promised in the Packed to the Gills blog entry), he has posted an update on the VoIP Developer show. In today's entry, Sean has some quotes from industry pundits with one of the main themes being SIP and trying to get mobile & converged devices to all standardize on SIP. It's a good read and you should check out this blog entry as well.

Well done IP Inferno! Thanks for keeping me informed on the show happenings!

p.s. I'll be at the next Internet Telephony Conference & Expo located in Los Angeles from Oct 24th-Oct 27th, so I'll be able to report firsthand all the VoIP happenings.

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