IP-PBX Eclipses traditional PBX

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IP-PBX Eclipses traditional PBX

The IP PBX has reached a new stage of maturity with shipments of IP lines expected to exceed those of traditional PBXs this year according to In-Stat. While the total PBX market is forecast to grow by a compound annual growth rate of 6.6% through 2009, the traditional PBX is in rapid decline, and the IP PBX will continue to gain momentum throughout the forecast period, the high-tech market research firm says.

"The IP PBX is revealing itself as more than a simple one-for-one replacement vehicle for digital systems," says Norm Bogen, In-Stat analyst. "With closer ties to data, this new vehicle is influencing corporate power structures and will ultimately have even more far-reaching effects on how business is done around the globe."
A recent report by In-Stat found the following:

- Increased mobility both within and beyond the workplace will be a significant factor in the next stage of IP PBX development.
- Currently, tying voice with presence and instant messaging is gaining a strong foothold. But, the real changes will stem from adding more data and ultimately video to the mix of collaboration tools.
- Between now and 2009, server-based IP PBX shipments will grow from 9.5 million lines to 28.1 million, at which point such systems will represent over 91% of total PBX shipments.

The report, "IP PBXs: Emerging Into Dominance", covers the worldwide PBX market. It identifies market trends that are driving the growth of the IP PBX. It also features forecasts of PBX shipments and revenues by category through 2009, and vendor market shares for 2004 and 1Q 2005.

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