Is VoIP Ready for Primetime?

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Is VoIP Ready for Primetime?

I've started to regularly visit GeekNewsCentral - a blog on gadgets, technology, etc. The site often mentions VoIP. In a recent entry, they wrote: "I'm a fan of cable broadband service, and it seems that many online Americans share my opinion. I detest dial-up service, it makes teaching class a drudgery, and it's too slow for me to listen to my favorite radio stations. I can easily do without cable TV; however, I can't do without our cable modem. Now, the big question is, are we ready for VOIP (Voice Over IP)."

The answer to your question is an uniquivocal, resounding, YES! I killed my landline 2 years ago and signed up with Vonage (the only player at the time). I even moved from one city to another and kept my existing number. Before I moved into my new house, I called to have the cable turned on and signed up for broadband.

So get this - the first day i moved in, I plugged in the cable modem, my Cisco ATA-186, and BOOM I immediately had phone service! How bout them apples?

The previous time I moved, it took 3 days for the phone company to turn on my phone service. Yet another reason why VoIP is the way to go!

You can check out GeekNewsCentral here:
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