ITEXPO VoIP Conference Testimonials

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ITEXPO VoIP Conference Testimonials

Rich Tehrani has a good post today that includes a couple pictures and even a couple of testimonial videos from this last Internet Telephony Conference & Expo. If you missed the resoundingly successful ITEXPO conference, be sure to check out Rich's blog post. MobileMax (which I glowed over at my ITEXPO meeting) gives a great testimony about how service providers specifically came to meet them at ITEXPO and said, "we closed a great deal here so we're looking forward to announcing that in the near future." MobileMax also said, "We're coming out of this show with more prospects than we really expected so we're really happy."

Packet8 commented, "This is a great show for us. We've been showing our MobileTalk application. We have a number of our partners here and we also meet up with a number of our resellers and we do see quite a few end-users at the show, especially small, medium-sized businesses.

Touchstone Technologies said, "Fantastic! The traffic to our booth has been excellent... In general we find that the traffic at the ITEXPO shows to be very highly qualified."

Robert Messer from ABP International stated, "This is one of the best shows for IP communications and VoIP combining everybody from the U.S. and a bunch of customers from Latin America. Great crowd. Very busy. One of the best shows for us every year. We got a lot of leads here both from Florida and pretty much the country.

Another exhibitor Audiocodes commented, "The traffic has been very heavy at the booth. We've had people in front of the booth for the whole show. This has turned out to be one of our best shows in the last few years."

Lots of other testimonials espousing the leads generated from ITEXPO and the high-quality traffic to the booths.

But don't take my word for it. Go check out the video below (click pic), which also shows the high-attendance/excellent traffic on the show floor. Oh and if you're wondering when the next ITEXPO is, it's September 16-18th at the Los Angeles Convention Center. Click here for more info.

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