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Skype and other VoIP Apps on Mobile Phones

April 1, 2008

It seems new software comes out daily that enables you to run a VoIP application, such as Skype, on your mobile phone natively, through a bridged gateway, or using the Skype API. While Skype is certainly the most popular VoIP application, other software solutions exist that use the SIP standard. Still others provide SIP-to-Skype bridging capabilities. I thought it would be useful to have a rundown of the various solutions out there.

Asterisk USB Hub

March 31, 2008

No Asterisk fan can do without some Asterisk paraphernalia such as an Asterisk or Digium T-Shirt, Asterisk book, maybe even an Asterisk coffee mug from ITEXPO where lots of Asterisk happenings take place. Well now you can add an Asterisk USB hub to your collection of all-things Asterisk! This four-port USB hub in the shape of an "asterisk" was created by industrial designer Joel Escalona

He writes:
Some of these designs have been fortunate enough to be manufactured, others were just lucky to be prototypes or models and the less fortunate live within a render. So if at some point you are interested in finding out more about any of my projects or you want to produce, buy or distribute one, do not hesitate to contact me to ask for more details about any of my designs.

VoIP & Communications Developers - We've heard you...

March 28, 2008

We at TMC have heard the cries from developers for a stronger development track at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo to focus on more technical development-related topics. As a developer myself with a background in computer engineering, I discussed with Rich Tehrani and others the need for a strong developers track at ITEXPO.

In May of 2007, TMC actually held a separate show called Communications Developer Conference (Comm Dev 07), which was fairly successful for such a 'niche' show. Although it was successful, we realized it made much more sense to co-locate Communications Developer Conference at ITEXPO, TMC's flagship IP communications conference that draws 15,000 attendees each year and no doubt dozens if not hundreds of developers.

With that said, I am happy to report today that TMC is bringing the Communications Developer Conference to ITEXPO!

Godspeed Russell Shaw

March 17, 2008

Russell Shaw passed away Thursday night in his hotel room after suffering from a cold. His death was unexpected and certainly a shock to me. I consider Russell a friend and his insights into VoIP were always good often sprinkled with a dash of humor or some political angle since he also wrote for the Huffington Post. Russell is one of the "original" VoIP bloggers along with Andy Abramson, Om Malik, Rich Tehrani, Pulver, and myself.

Apparently, Russell had been traveling for a few weeks to various events. I know how having a cold and flying can be dangerous.

Intuitive Voice Technology Calls Out other Asterisk Competitors - Asterisk Clone Wars Have Begun...

March 13, 2008

In a news release, Intuitive Voice Technology is calling out other Asterisk-based solutions. First, Intuitive Voice Technology (IVT) espouses their 3,500 deployments as well they should. They then follow this back-slapping good news with a claim that "competitors clamor to keep pace with industry's most innovating, easy-to-use Asterisk-based PBX". Them's fightin' words!

Asterisk Wake-Up calls and Web Scheduling

February 25, 2008

Those of you that travel a lot have probably encountered the situation where you think you set the hotel alarm clock correctly only to learn the volume was turned way down or you had it set to PM instead of AM. Many hotel alarm clocks are becoming more gadgety, including some that double as an iPod docking station to wake you up with your iPod tunes.

Well, futzing with an alarm clock you're not familiar with could result in you missing your important meeting. So what do you do? Well, you could call the front desk and ask for a wake-up call.

ITEXPO VoIP Conference Testimonials

February 14, 2008

Rich Tehrani has a good post today that includes a couple pictures and even a couple of testimonial videos from this last Internet Telephony Conference & Expo. If you missed the resoundingly successful ITEXPO conference, be sure to check out Rich's blog post. MobileMax (which I glowed over at my ITEXPO meeting) gives a great testimony about how service providers specifically came to meet them at ITEXPO and said, "we closed a great deal here so we're looking forward to announcing that in the near future." MobileMax also said, "We're coming out of this show with more prospects than we really expected so we're really happy."

Packet8 commented, "This is a great show for us. We've been showing our MobileTalk application. We have a number of our partners here and we also meet up with a number of our resellers and we do see quite a few end-users at the show, especially small, medium-sized businesses.

Touchstone Technologies said, "Fantastic!

Biggest Loser Week 4

February 5, 2008

Continuing my updates for my local gym's The Biggest Loser competition, here's Week #4.

Week 1 (Jan 14th) - weighed in at 198lbs (original weight)
Week 2 (Jan 21st) - weighed in at 189lbs (-9 lbs) 9lbs lost in 1 week - Woohoo!
Week 3 (Jan 28th) - weighted in at 189lbs (0 change) - I was extremely sick 5 days before and was attending ITEXPO, so didn't get a chance to workout. I'm expecting at least a 4lb loss this week. Wish me luck!
Week 4 (Feb 4th) - weighed in at 186lbs (-3 lbs) I was off by 1lb in my expectation.

Asterisk-based FreePBX clones Microsoft Response Point's Easy Button

January 31, 2008

In November of 2007, I reviewed the Microsoft Response Point IP-PBX. One of the Response Point's main features is the "Easy button" that you can press and then speak commands to the RP system, such as "transfer to Tom Keating" or "call Bill Gates".

Well yesterday, I received a news tip about an Asterisk solution that duplicates this "Easy button" speech-rec functionality. The blog explains:

... I saw a video on the Response Point "magic button." A voice recognition button for a PBX?

Cool Stuff at ITEXPO

January 30, 2008

Last week TMC held our very successful ITEXPO tradeshow covering various IP communications and contact center technologies. One thing we all need to keep in mind when it comes to voice over IP is that voice over IP is simply a dumb transport. What really gets customers excited and coming to various VoIP tradeshows is to learn about how they can leverage VoIP within their business processes, whether that's screenpop of customer data, remote agents using soft or hard phones, mobile phone capabilities, etc. Customers are looking to integrate all of their various communications - email, voice, CRM, etc.
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