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Biggest Loser Update #1

January 30, 2008

T.38 Fax Support, Hype or Reality?

January 28, 2008

T.38 is an ITU standard for sending FAX across IP networks in a real-time mode. T.38 faxing has been hyped a lot, while others pondered if T.38 was dead. Regardless of which camp you stand in, we can all agree that T.38 hasn't exactly taken off, including on the Asterisk IP-PBX. Faxing support in general on the Asterisk platform has been sorely lacking and one of Asterisk's weaknesses.

Another Successful ITEXPO

January 25, 2008

SIP Trunking Not so Hot?

January 25, 2008

A couple days ago I wrote an article titled SIP Trunking is Hot! where I wrote about the SIP trunking session sponsored by Ingate, which was very heavily attended (75). A few hours later I noticed SmithonVoIP blogger Garrett Smith write a blog entry called No One Wants SIP Trunking. It was obvious to me he must have seen my blog post which was pro-SIP trunking and he was taking a counterpoint.

Before I even clicked through on my RSS reader to Garrett's article, I pondered why Garrett would take such a counterpoint. I know for a fact that there is a lot of interest in SIP trunking.

Over protective dog while I'm away at ITEXPO?

January 25, 2008

While I'm away at ITEXPO covering all the latest VoIP news and meeting with industry insiders, my wife snapped some interesting photos of our yellow Labrador/Shepherd-mix dog Jessie with her paw on our 21 month old daughter, Megan. The look on Jessie's face says it all, but I'll translate for you just in case...

Jessie: Just stay down kid. It's a dangerous world out there and Dad's not home. Dad's away at ITEXPO learning about dangerous VoIP security exploits, and something about business SIP trunks.

BroadSoft and C3IP Debuts First-ever VoIP Mashup with ACT! at ITEXPO

January 23, 2008

BroadSoft and C3IP will debut the first-ever VoIP mashup with ACT! by Sage at INTERNET TELEPHONY Conference & Expo.

This is just the start of some really cool news coming out of ITEXPO. I expect some more interesting news announcements tomorrow when the exhibit hall opens in the morning. The exhibit hall will be open tonight from 6pm-8pm, but tomorrow is really considered the main exhibit hall opening and when many companies announce their big news.

In any event, here's the announcement about the VoIP mashup...

Integration with Carrier-grade VoIP Adds Calling Feature to Popular Contact And Customer Management Application

MIAMI, Jan. 23, 2008 — BroadSoft, Inc., a leading provider of VoIP application software, and C3IP Communications, LLC, a provider of hosted voice, video and data IP solutions for business, today announced that the two companies will debut the first-ever “VoIP AddOn” for the ACT!

SIP Forum Announces Ratification of Version 1.0 of SIPconnect

January 23, 2008

In my previous post "SIP Trunking is Hot!" I mentioned SIPconnect and how important this standard will be to SIP trunking. Well at ITEXPO, the SIP Forum announced an important ratification of version 1.0 of the SIPconnect Technical Recommendation.

The SIP Forum announced today that it has ratified version 1.0 of the SIPconnect Technical Recommendation with the unanimous approval of the SIP Forum Board of Directors.

The SIPconnect Technical Recommendation v.1.0, an important initiative of the SIP Forum, is a standards-based approach to direct IP peering between SIP-enabled IP PBXs and VoIP service provider networks, and specifies a reference architecture, required protocols and features and implementation rules necessary for seamless interconnection between IP PBXs and VoIP service providers. As SIPconnect was designed to directly tie enterprise customers to VoIP service providers using an end-to-end IP connection, it eliminates the need for a VoIP gateway, improves voice quality and creates a stable foundation for personalized applications and rich media services.

The formal adoption by the SIP Forum Board of the SIPConnect 1.0 Technical Recommendation is based on recognition that the recommendation has been through credible peer review, including broad membership and significant community review, that it is stable and is well-understood, and that it is believed to have resolved known design choices.

"I want to thank all of the participants in the SIPconnect Task Group for their selfless efforts and valuable time necessary to reach consensus and complete the ratification process," said Richard Shockey, Technical Working Group Chair of the SIP Forum. "This was truly an industry-wide effort that we can continue to build on."

Eric Burger, Chairman of the Board of the SIP Forum, commented, "You can expect more work like this from the SIP Forum as we continue to grow our community and revitalize our Technical Working Group to tackle additional interoperability issues."

The SIPconnect Technical Recommendation has recently enjoyed a number of independent implementations, as witnessed by the rapid adoption of the SIPconnect Compliant Program.

SIP Trunking is Hot!

January 23, 2008

I'm sitting in the SIP session at ITEXPO (sponsored by Ingate) and it's one of the most heavily attended sessions at the show. I counted 70 people in the room and people keep filling in. Scratch that, 5 people just walked in - it's now 75!

I had to stand in the back until an Ingate employee was kind enough to bring me a chair. Ingate makes firewalls that are SIP aware.

Dell picks Fonality VoIP Phone System

January 23, 2008

I missed my early meeting today with Fonality CEO Chris Lyman about some blockbuster news he wanted to share being announced at ITEXPO. Fortunately, as administrator of the blog server I happened to be checking out Rich's blog entries to look into a video problem and noticed Rich had a scheduled entry with the subject "Dell Chooses Fonality". I rubbed my eyes in shock. Dell?

PIKA for Asterisk boards now trixbox CE compatible

January 22, 2008

Some great news for PIKA telephony board fans coming out of ITEXPO. PIKA for Asterisk boards are now trixbox CE (Asterisk-based IP-PBX) compatible.

full story after the jump...

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