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Rich's IT Expo News Roundup

September 18, 2007

Internet Telephony Expo Recap - And SIP Trunking has Arrived!

September 14, 2007

I'm back from Internet Telephony Expo and thought I'd recap the show and offer my observations. First, the show was very well attended, especially the first day. A picture, or in this case, a video, is worth a thousand words, so check out the jam packed exhibit hall on Day 1. (Click to Play)

If you want to check out some other video footage from IT Expo, go here.

Fonality Picked The Overall IT Expo Best of Show Winner

September 11, 2007

In addition to blogging, reviewing VoIP products, and managing TMC's IT department, I'm one of the judges for Best of Show at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo. I should mention that TMC has created several categories that exhibitors can apply and possibly win. However, in my opinion there was ONE single overall Best of Show Winner at TMC's IT Expo in Los Angeles. One booth stood above them all. The Best of Show booth was without a doubt the Fonality booth where they had several chairs to demo their trixbox offerings.

XML Contest for VoIP Phones

September 4, 2007

Some interesting news from snom. Today, they announced the launch of its XML contest, "eXtreMeLy snomlified!” Beginning today, and continuing through Oct. 22, this contest calls on the VoIP programmer community and snom partners to de-velop innovative XML-Minibrowser applications for the snom 3xx series of phones. I should mention that snom's CEO, Christian Stredicke, will speak on the topic of "Securing Open Source Enterprise VoIP” from 3:30-4:15 pm PDT on Sept. 11 during ITEXPO West 2007 which is less than a week away.

In any event, currently the snom 3xx series of phones, which consists of the snom 300, 320, 360 and 370, have a permanent XML-Minibrowser. The XML contest not only serves to provide working data screens that will work ideally on several snom 3xx series phones, but it will also give momentum to unknown programmers in the community.

VoIPMonitor congratulates TMCNet

August 21, 2007

VoIPMonitor has a nice article congratulating TMCNet for reaching over 3,000,000 unique visitors in July 2007, a 50% increase in traffic since February 2007. Thanks for the kudos, VoIPMonitor! The TMC team tries hard to bring breaking stories, interesting articles, and insightful commentary in IP communications, call center/CRM technology, wireless, and much more.

Let me just add that it's YOU the web reader that visits our various websites & blogs that helps make TMCNet the success that is. Without the traffic and the corresponding advertising revenue your visits help bring in, we wouldn't be able to afford to hire high-quality editors to write the content you enjoy reading.

Skype Outage - Lessons Learned

August 20, 2007

trixbox Training

August 19, 2007

trixbox is a popular Asterisk-based IP-PBX solution. Although trixbox is meant to be easy to install via a bootable CD, there is still a lot to know about configuring and optimizing trixbox for the most optimal experience. Whether it's configuring hunt groups, or configuring SIP settings for IP trunks you might want some help from the experts.

That's why TMC is hosting trixbox training & certification at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo, which is only 10 20 days away. Even though I've been playing with Asterisk-based solutions for years, I may check out the training sessions just to brush up on my skills.

In fact, the trixbox training & certification sessions are taught by none other than Kerry Garrison, trixbox Community Director, with support from Andrew Gillis, the trixbox Founder, as well as the trixbox Support team.

Best Internet Telephony Magazine Yet - Plus ITEXPO Thoughts

August 8, 2007

I just received my latest issue of TMC's Internet Telephony Magazine, which is hot off the presses. Check out the cover. (excuse the image quality, I used a webcam)

On the cover you'll notice a wide array of stories including: Microsoft's big communications plans - namely Microsoft Office Communications Server 2007 (OCS 2007), fixed mobile convergence (FMC), power protection & management, fax over IP, and a comprehensive TMC Labs review of the Cantata IMG 1010 VoIP gateway. (Note: The Microsoft story is in the top-right corner, but not readable in the image)

This comprehensive coverage of all IP communications is why TMC's internet Telephony Magazine is still the #1 VoIP magazine!

Internet Telephony Expo Buzz Heats Up

August 3, 2007

Ken Camp's post, Internet Telephony Expo - Only 5 weeks away, reminded me just how close ITEXPO is. It's happening September 11-12, 2007 in Los Angeles at the well-known LA Convention Center. Where did the Summer go? I can't believe in another month we'll be in the Fall, school will be back in session, etc.

Digium Acquires Astricon

July 11, 2007

Rich has the skinny on Digium acquiring Sokol & Associates. Sokol & Associates runs the popular Astricon tradeshow and Asterisk IP-PBX training programs. Interesting how Digium, an open-source hardware and software company is now technically a tradeshow company and an Asterisk training company.

Rich's analysis is, "By purchasing a well-known training company in the Asterisk space, Digium should be able to grow revenue nicely. This move positions Digium as a major training powerhouse." While I agree with Rich, Digium just has to be careful not to "eat its own" partners by becoming a competitor to them.

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