JahJah Web a web-based VoIP software?

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JahJah Web a web-based VoIP software?

Jah Jah has a countdown "teaser" on their website that ends in 1 Day, 2 Hrs, 0 minutes and 40s (as I type this). Curious, I went to blog.jahjah.com to see if their blog talked more about their countdown and what it means. The first thing I noticed on the blog was this "pixelated" graphic that obfuscated a cartoon female and obfuscated some text. The cartoon chick looks pretty smokin' too - what a tease! Did I just say I was attracted to a cartoon chick? I'm such a geek. :D

Anyway, JahJah actually filled me in on the scoop. They are launching JAJAH WEB, which they call "web activated telephony in a click". Essentially, the idea is that you will see a number on your screen, call it, talk via your own phone, and save money. Calls triggered through JAJAH WEB are phone-to-phone, you don't need a headset, a microphone or a special Internet phone to use it.

According to JahJah, JAJAH WEB works with your web browser, you don't have to download or install any kind of software to use it. According to Jahjah, "JAJAH WEB is as simple as searching a keyword in Google and JAJAH WEB is as comfortable as any regular phone call, but much cheaper. And last but not least you can use JAJAH WEB also with Mac or Linux operating systems."

Although they told me "you don't have to download or install any kind of software", it must require some sort of software to work. My guess is some sort of Java applet. I emailed JahJah for clarification and am waiting on their reply. I will update this post if I find out more.

JAJAH WEB will be available on www.jajah.com starting 7th February 9.00am PST.

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