Jajah Mobile Web and Jajah Dynamic Buttons Beta

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Jajah Mobile Web and Jajah Dynamic Buttons Beta

This morning Jajah launched an all new Jajah Mobile Web (http://mobile.jajah.com) - it is one-click access to their free or low-cost global calling service, directly from the browser on your smartphone (no application download). 

Here are some of features/benefits:
* One-Click Free (or low cost) Global Calling - Jajah Mobile Web provides one-click instant access to the contacts in your Jajah address book. Just click a name or number to make the call.
* Bookmark Names and Numbers - Save your most called numbers as bookmarks. Click on the bookmarked name and JAJAH instantly dials that person.
* Avoid Roaming Charges - It gives you the ability to change your source number even to new numbers which are not yet saved within your Jajah account. This means that you can easily initiate a Jajah call to a nearby office or hotel phone when you are travelling, getting rid of roaming charges and long distance charges at the same time.
* International Calls without a special plan - In many places, and especially the US, most phones can't make an international call without a special plan from your provider. The plan alone can cost 50.00 US a year, and then the calls can cost .20-.40 a minute above that.
* It Knows You - JAJAH Mobile Web links directly into your regular JAJAH account. When you log on from your smartphone, it knows who you are, displays your contacts and and displays your account information..

Here's a video demo

For some screenshots, go here.

I was also invited to join the JAJAH Dynamic Buttons Beta Program. They want beta testers to be involved in the design process of what Jajah thinks will be revolutionary new web based calling tools. Jajah Buttons will let you control how and when you want to be contacted - through an embedded button that you put in various places around the web - your personal or corporate website or blog, any social networking platform like MySpace, Friendsetr, hi5, any auction based website like eBay, craiglist or your email signature.

Some more info from Jajah about this "presence" feature -- Jajah Buttons enable users to make "special feature" calls from within on-site properties such as blogs, websites or emails. They can be described as portable, customizable "click to contact" buttons with user defined call and contact properties. When clicked, a small window opens which can contain information about the button owner, or information relevant to the contact preference, interaction or transaction.

It also displays contact preferences, as defined by the button owner; phone, sms, email or voice mail. The reader/viewer of this page is able to click on one of the contact options to reach the button owner.

These buttons allow the button owner full privacy, with no numbers or addresses being visible to the caller. They are dynamic and interactive. They have various settings to control button behavior. Settings include the ability to restrict each function by days or hours, set button expiry date, choose who pays, change receiving number/email, block incoming numbers/names. Similar to Iotum in some ways.

- Buttons work independently from phone numbers, location or email address. User can change his contact specific in the jajah preferences.
- Users can have multiple buttons for multiple purposes/audiences 
- Buttons eliminate the need for extra email addresses. Since your email address is private and non-visible to viewers, you can use a single address for multiple types of interaction. 
-  User can create email signature that enables managed communication 
-  User is able to block specific people from contacting him.
- User can set the time he allows / accepts calls. For example, a person can specify that he be called between certain hours but at other hours, only be reached via sms or voice mail.

Here's the Beta Sign-Up: http://www.jajah.com/info/services/buttons/

Mockups/Screenshots: http://flickr.com/photos/jajah/sets/72157594523076366/

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