Kapanga adds open source video codec to SIP softphone

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Kapanga adds open source video codec to SIP softphone

Kapanga Softphone, a SIP-based softphone announced by Ecotronics Ventures is integrating Theora (Xiph Foundation's open source video codec) into its SIP-based video capabilities

The latest version of Kapanga Softphone now supports Xiph.org Foundation's Theora, the open source video codec based upon On2 Technologies' VP3 codec. Kapanga Softphone integrates voice, video and fax over IP into one software phone and they claim interoperability with several other softphones along with several codecs supported to ensure proper audio negotiation..

"Since our launch this year, many Kapanga users have used our SIP client to extend their open source PBX deployments", said Martin Cadirola, President and VP of Business Development for Ecotronics. "We believe we can help speed up the development of open source PBX video functionality by providing a Theora-capable VoIP-based software phone", he added Kapanga also features other open source audio codecs, like Global IP Sound's iLBC and Xiph Foundation's Speex.

Kapanga Softphone is free for personal or academic use, with fax and recording features at an additional cost. Check out their website. I haven't tried the softphone client myself, but Martin Cadirola invited me to get together at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo in Ft. Lauderdale in January to discuss Kapanga. Should be another stellar show and personally, I can't wait to get to Florida, this has been a very cold December!

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