King of All VoIP Sites?

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King of All VoIP Sites?

Garrett Smith of SmithOnVoIP fame has high praise for and our redesign when he says, ", the King of all VoIP sites, has been given a face lift".  Well, aw shucks.   That is some mighty high praise considering how many great VoIP sites are out there. It is much appreciated.

Garrett adds: I have to say, as a daily visitor I am extremely happy to see this re-design. Although, the site is jammed-packed with great information, previously it was almost too jam packed, leading to a less than desirable experience. This slick re-design, is subtle enough not to shock or scare daily visitors, making it easier to “take it all in.”

You can read about the redesign on Rich's blog.

Thanks again Garrett for the major kudos for and the TMC team responsible. I'd like to personally thank the entire TMC web team for a great redesign, but especially Manuel Lirio who was responsible for the vast majority of the redesign. Well done Manuel!

Looks like Rich noticed Garrett's blog post before I did and beat me to the punch. Well, that's a first! ;)

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