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Largest SIP Community?

Am I missing something? Am I out of the loop here? This release below from TelTel claims that they have the largest SIP user community with a claim of 800,000 members. I've barely heard of this company and they're claiming to have the largest SIP community? Either I'm slipping or the marketing fluff is once again reaching new levels. Even Pulver's FWD SIP-based client & community doesn't claim that many members. I'll have to stop by TelTel's booth at VON and ask what's up.

In the meantime, here's the email I received + release:

TelTel, a provider of SIP-based global Internet telephony services has over 800,000 members in its user community - most of who joined by word of mouth.

Using tools and features typically associated with instant messaging such as buddy lists, TelTel uses its "Instant Voice" (IV) platform which consists of "Telephony + Presence."

TelTel Is Now World's Largest SIP-based Internet Telephony User Community

Global service with presence generates over 800,000 word-of-mouth users

SAN JOSE, California (Spring VON 2005) March 9, 2005 TelTel, a provider of SIP-based global Internet telephony service with presence, announced today that it now has over 800,000 users. This makes TelTel the world's largest SIP-based Internet Telephony user community. Until today, TelTel's user base has been generated primarily by word of mouth.

TelTel's popularity can be attributed to the emerging new phenomenon "Instant Voice" (IV). IV is "Telephony + Presence", which is Instant Messaging-like (including buddy lists), but voice-centric. TelTel is using the standards-based SIP technology that delivers managed peer-to-peer Internet Telephony versus pure peer-to-peer technology, which delivers a "best efforts" service.

TelTel uses Session Initiation Protocol (SIP), which is a signaling protocol developed within the IETF for Multi-Media communications. Any device that "speaks SIP" (including IP Phones, IP PBX and Terminal Adapter) can easily connect and interoperate through TelTel's auto-provisioning function.

A Telecom vendor providing these products or services can be a TelTel partner through its partner program. Similarly, nearly any service provider using SIP, including the SIP termination and SIP origination service providers, also can become TelTel's partner through the same partner program.

"We are proud to offer this SIP based service to the consumers all over the world," said Sherman Tuan, CEO of TelTel. "Using an open standard such as SIP is excellent news for consumers who want Instant Voice, and are now able to tap into the fast growing community developing one of the hottest technologies in Internet Telephony."

Presently, TelTel's service is in beta and available for download at In the future, TelTel will be also available on wireline IP telephones and wireless devices.

About TelTel:
TelTel is a global Internet telephony service based on standards-based SIP technology. The company provides "Instant Voice", which combines Telephony + Presence, which includes Instant Messaging features. TelTel is the world's largest SIP-based Internet Telephony user community. For more information or to try TelTel, please see

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