Leading IP-PBX Manufacturer in The World

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Leading IP-PBX Manufacturer in The World

A few months ago I wrote a blog titled "Alcatel IP-PBX Leader in Europe". In this blog entry, Frost & Sullivan claims that Alcatel lead in IP-PBX shipments in 2003 - more than Cisco, Avaya, etc. I then wondered who was the "#1 IP-PBX manufacturer in the world". I even guessed it would be Cisco, but I was wrong. A blog reader responded with this:

In your blog entry you asked who leads in the world. According to this report by Infonetics Research, PBX Market Headed for Strong Finish in ’04, apparently Alcatel, with Avaya leading North America. How Alcatel went for basically zero in VoIP to a top-5 player is proof that Cisco, Avaya, and Nortel have monumentally screwed up, giving away a huge lead.

Here's an excerpt of the IP-PBX report numbers:
Q04 IP PBX Market Highlights
  • Alcatel leads in worldwide IP PBX revenue market share, followed by Avaya and Cisco
  • Avaya leads in North American IP PBX revenue market share, followed by Cisco, Nortel, and Mitel
  • Hybrid PBXs account for 50% of all PBX line shipments; pure IP PBXs account for 10%
  • 44% of all PBX revenue comes from North America, 39% from EMEA, 13% from Asia Pacific, and 4% from CALA
Well, that's two positive reports giving Alcatel a strong showing as the IP-PBX leader over their rivals. I wonder if Gartner (or MetaGroup now owned by Gartner) has an IP-PBX marketshare report?

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