Longboard partners with Global IP Sound

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Longboard partners with Global IP Sound

Interesting news I thought I would share...

LongBoard Partners with GIPS Licensing VoiceEngine to Deliver Unbeatable Voice Quality for the LongBoard OnePhone Application

Combined Product Sets Quality Bar for Wi-Fi Voice Over IP and Provides Unique Solution to Carrier Customers

San Francisco & Santa Clara, CA - September 27, 2004 - Global IP Sound (GIPS), leading provider of embedded voice-processing technologies and LongBoard, a leading developer of compelling voice applications for carriers, today announced a partnership agreement under which LongBoard will license the GIPS VoiceEngine which is being integrated into the LongBoard OnePhone Application, currently in trials with some of the largest operators in the world.

"We strive to deliver highly-differentiated products to our carrier customer, and we know that superior sound and voice quality are critical components to our success," said Gary Tauss, President & CEO of LongBoard, Inc. "GIPS voice processing technology has enabled us to enter the market with an industry leading product and position, and to deliver voice quality that exceeds traditional PSTN phones, even under adverse network conditions."

The LongBoard OnePhone Application allows a user to seamlessly roam between Wi-Fi and Cellular networks. This roaming is transparent to the end user, without dropping or interrupting their voice call. Additionally, the LongBoard OnePhone application extends the same set of business telephony features, with the same phone number and same handset, to the end-user whether they are in their enterprise in WiFi mode, using Voice over WiFi technology, or outdoors in cellular mode, via a standard cellular network.

"We are dedicated to moving the mobile WiFi marketplace forward by overcoming the inherent quality problems normally associated with these technologies. This alliance offers a solid, real-world example of how VoiceEngine solves the complex voice processing challenges inherent in any WiFi or wireless network," said Gary P. Hermansen, President and CEO of Global IP Sound. "We are proud to work with LongBoard to create what promises to be a revolutionary solution for carrier customers."

GIPS VoiceEngine handles all voice-related tasks for voice over IP, dramatically simplifying integration of sophisticated and complex voice processing technology for portable wireless applications. GIPS VoiceEngine supports existing standards, and offers improved voice quality by its unique configuration of components and by improved handling of hardware. It combines award-winning and patented technologies with a high-level API to offer a flexible framework for developers to enable simplified integration of complex sound processing software.

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