Major VoIP news at Internet Telephony Expo

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Major VoIP news at Internet Telephony Expo

I've been getting lots of inside scoops that some major announcements are going to take place at Internet Telephony Expo in L.A. California.

I've also learned several other big news is coming down the pipe. Shhh, be very very quiet - this is stuff I'm not supposed to tell you. So you didn't hear it from me, got it?

1) SIPPhone and the popular open-source Asterisk will be announcing a deal very soon. Possibly, at this VoIP show in L.A.

2) Xten, the popular SIP-based softclient will announce a major deal with a large ISP on October 4th. They will also be launching a new website called VoIPMobility which will discuss where Xten is today and where they are going including technologies like VoWLAN, VoIP over 3G, SIP enabled IMS, VoIP over EV-DO, GSM/CDMA & SIP Interop, and Dual-mode GSM + WiFi-SIP strategies.

4) I have caught wind that IBM will be making a major VoIP announcement. I believe this deal involves Level3 in some fashion, but this is a bit of speculation. Still, keep your eye out for an IBM and Level3 deal. I give it 75% odds of happening.

This is just a tip of the iceberg of all the great VoIP news that I KNOW will be coming out of Internet Telephony Expo. I can't wait to learn more once I get there and report back here.

And hey, just remember, you heard it here first!

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