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Mitel 3300 IP-PBX

Mitel is releasing a the newest version of it's flagship product - the Mitel 3300 IP-PBX "Release 5." There are significant upgrades over Release 4, which became available in 2003, including:

1. 3300 can now support up to 60,000 users (up from 30,000 users) and network up to 250 sites;

2. The new 3300 can for the first time support SIP and MiNet (our proprietary protocol);

3. There are built in Enterprise Management tools (efficiency management, graphical topology views, inventory, network health);

4. Release 5 supports 802.11 phones from SpectraLink and DECT phones (de facto European wireless protocol) from DeTeWe;

5. Multi-site Hotdesking tools which allow users to log into an IP phone from anywhere on the network and instantly have the phone adopt the user’s complete profile.

6. Embedded messaging now has a unified messaging platform to manage voice, email, chat, data all in one place.

7. Increased security, redundancy and interoperability over Release 4.

Here's the full announcement they made today:
Mitel, a leading provider of IP communications solutions, has announced the general availability of the 3300 ICP, Release 5. This latest version of the Mitel flagship IP-PBX introduces new options for in-building wireless mobility, hotdesking, enhanced messaging, system management capabilities, expanded PSTN connectivity, and more. Recognizing the increase in large multi-site clients, the number of users that can be part of a network has been increased to 65,000 and the number of nodes that can be supported in a distributed network is now increased to 250. A survivable gateway solution for branch offices has also been introduced. This latest announcement builds on the ongoing Mitel commitment to continuously improve its IP Telephony solutions and offer greater choice and flexibility to enterprises with centralized or distributed enterprise deployments.

"As IP Telephony matures, enterprises are looking at new ways to accrue increased business benefits while reducing the overall cost of ownership of their communications solutions," said Don Smith, CEO, Mitel. "It is this demand that has made the 3300 ICP tremendously appealing to both large and small enterprises. Release 5 continues to build on this success by providing businesses with features and flexible configurations that make communicating with customers and colleagues easier and richer no matter whether they are located in a corporate HQ, a branch office or at a remote location half way around the world."

The 3300 ICP, Release 5 offers businesses a wide range of robust and new features, including:

New SIP Telephones and Line Interface Module for Remote Survivability

This release introduces the new innovative Mitel 5215 and 5220 IP phones, which support the open SIP (Session Initiation Protocol) as well as the Mitel MiNet protocol. Both the 5215 and 5220 IP phones can be deployed as remote teleworker sets that act as fully featured extensions off a corporate network anywhere in the world via a secure and encrypted media and signaling path. The optional Line Interface Module allows these phones to automatically fail over to the PSTN in the event of a WAN failure or the initiation of a 911 call. This release also enables the support of the Mitel 5207 IP Phone designed for enabling key system functionality.

Enterprise Management

The new Mitel enterprise management suite provides system, network and real time management tools that increase productivity, simplify management tasks and ensure maximum network efficiency. These new tools introduce graphical topology views, network inventory details, network health monitoring and real-time voice quality assessment and monitoring, all through a single interface.

Enhanced Mobility and Hotdesking

802.11 wireless phones from SpectraLink and DECT wireless phones from DeTeWe are now supported. DECT is the de facto wireless protocol throughout Europe. Each 3300 ICP now supports up to 700 wireless phones per controller, providing mobile users with intuitive access to the entire suite of corporate telephony features.

In addition to wireless handsets, the platform now provides multi-site resilient hotdesking, allowing users to log into an IP phone anywhere in the network and instantly have that phone adopt the user's complete profile including all user programmable keys and functions.

Embedded Messaging

Embedded unified messaging and voice mail is available within each 3300 ICP, allowing users to have their voice mails forwarded to their email and to manage all their messages from one place. The 3300 ICP now supports and dynamically manages embedded and download enabled recorded announcements and music-on-hold audio files eliminating the need for external devices.

Additionally, users can now have their own personal multi-level auto-attendant, offering incoming callers who reach voice mail with additional options such as automatically being forwarded to a user's teleworker or mobile phone.

Advanced PSTN Connectivity and Interoperability Options

The new hardware configurations now support embedded analog and Euro ISDN trunk ports in the main 3300 ICP controller. This removes the need for external analog or digital units for smaller installations.

Through advanced PSTN connectivity, the 3300 ICP can now trace malicious calls back through the PSTN for caller identification and information. Advanced support for the Q.SIG protocol improves interoperability with traditional PBXs.

The Mitel 3300 ICP, Release 5 delivers an expanded range of options designed to enhance the overall IP Telephony environment for businesses. Continued advancements will build on Release 5's commitment to mobility, applications and robust connectivity across the converged network and PSTN. Through these enhancements and the Mitel portfolio of IP applications and devices, businesses are well equipped to personalize employee communications, optimize productivity, integrate with their business processes and provide customers with enhanced levels of service.

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