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More ENUM News

I only have time to provide some quick analysis since I am leaving for the day to go wait in line and vote for the next president...

Ready for the analysis? Ok, here goes... ENUM is taking flight... Houston, we have liftoff.. I repeat - ENUM is taking flight!

Check out this hot ENUM news:
Web Hosting Industry News | GoDaddy, Partners Form ENUM Group

November 1, 2004 -- (WEB HOST INDUSTRY REVIEW) -- Domain registrar and Web hosting company ( announced on Monday that it has partnered with several leading telecommunications companies, including AT&T, MCI, SBC Laboratories, Sprint and Verizon, to form Country Code 1 ENUM LLC, an organization focused on developing ENUM technology.

ENUM refers to the Internet Engineering Task Force standard that will assist in IP-based telephone services by mapping international phone numbers from the publicly switched telephone network onto IP-based networks using a DNS-based architecture.

ENUM LLC says it will work to build a public infrastructure that promotes the development of ENUM technology in a single, carrier-class manner within the countries of the North American Numbering Plan, including the United States, Canada and the Caribbean nations. Using the relevant open standards of the IETF and the International Telecommunication Union, ENUM LLC hopes to build a commercial operation that will provide a single, public system for nations within the NANP that choose to participate.

With the rising popularity of applications such as Voice over IP, a common system is needed. ENUM, says the group, will allow individuals using different VoIP providers to communicate more effectively with each other.

"We are excited about this opportunity to advance the convergence of information technologies," says Bob Parsons, president and founder of The Go Daddy Group. "Because ENUM technology translates telephone numbers into domain names, it will make a wide range of Internet and information services like VoIP, email, and fax services, available to anyone with a telephone or any number of hand-held devices."

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