Nero Joins AllPlay3 to Integrate Triple Play into SIPPS

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Nero Joins AllPlay3 to Integrate Triple Play into SIPPS

If you recall, I wrote about Nero and VoIP back in Oct 04 and how I was confused that my favorite CD/DVD burning software was putting out a new release claiming that they support VoIP. I pondered, "What's that? Nero has VoIP? Maybe Nero lets you burn VoIP conversation on-the-fly. Yep, Skype calls recorded straight to CD. That must be it." Of course, I investigated and learned that Nero does indeed have a VoIP softphone product.

Well, today Nero has joined the AllPlay3 partner program to integrate Triple Play services into SIPPS VoIP Software. If you're not familiar with AllPlay3, i was created by IPlay3, a consortium that merges the market-leading technologies from NetCentrex, Envivio, and Highdeal into one, turnkey, flexible and cost-effective Triple Play solution. They explain AllPlay3 as, "it will help IPlay3 provide a more integrated, turnkey, Voice over IP (VoIP), Video over IP, and Billing and OSS solution that leverages any type of broadband IP infrastructure (FTTX, xDSL, CABLE, Wireless)."

So now Nero does Triple Play??? That's some advanced VoIP functionality we're talking about here. Could simply mean their softphone is used in a Triple Play environment, but why haven't I heard too much about Nero in the VoIP magazines or even online VoIP resources including VoIP blogs? Seems odd to me...

Anyway, they formally launched the AllPlay3 partner program in March of this year with the release listing members that include Allied Telesyn, AudioCodes, Belco, eyeP Media, i3micro, InnoMedia, Mediatrix, Minerva, Nero, OKI, STS, TMNG, Wave7Optics, and Worldwide Packets.

Ok, so if Nero was a member listed in the March release, why does the release today say that Nero joined today? I guess the release did say "charter member", so maybe Nero is claiming to be a "full member" now. Well thre's an excuse to put out a release!

I still don't get exactly what the Nero SIPPS product does. I really need to find some time to check out their product. (Click for Nero's release)

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