NetSymphony launches Maestro VoIP Probe

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NetSymphony launches Maestro VoIP Probe

I was just about to head home when I was sent this bit of interesting news about a new small VoIP probe called the M10P that helps troubleshoot VoIP problems. Figured I'd share...


NetSymphony, a subsidiary of Datameg Corp (OTCBB: DTMG), today announced commencement of sales of its Maestro System that sets new standards for size, simplicity and value. The Maestro System provides valuable functions in three major
areas: system assessment; assurance and service level agreement monitoring; and fault isolation and troubleshooting. Additional information can be found at

Maestro provides integrated management of IP services by assessing, monitoring and troubleshooting IP systems. Coupled with central servers, Maestro uses its affordable and widely disbursed M10P probes at defined measurement points to allow network operators to manage their customer's quality experience from initial deployment through and including ensuring ongoing, high quality, voice services. The M10P probe is the smallest in the industry (1 inch by 1 inch by 4.375 inches). Its zero-configuration startup feature lets a user simply plug it in and the M10P automatically begins to perform tests and measurements without any complicated configuration required.

"Four out of 10 large organizations have struggled with VoIP deployment. Many have seen quality problems mysteriously come and go, and they have struggled to get their systems into service and operating clearly and consistently, " said NetSymphony' s Dan Ference. "They've discovered that some routers are not friendly to voice, and they've had distortion problems when their calls go outside their enterprise. The M10P probe replicates a customer's call and is able to measure the end-to-end user experience across networks and administrative boundaries. The M10P probe provides the information to determine where and what problem exists."

NetSymphony offers a unique sales approach. Customers may take advantage of the NetSymphony technology either by purchasing monitoring and troubleshooting through NetSymphony' s VoIP Deployment and Quality Management Services or by purchasing their own complete Maestro Systems outright for integration into their existing infrastructure.

"Minimal intervention is required to get it up and running. You don't need hordes of people out there to diagnose your problems," Ference said. "Maestro can make VoIP deployment and quality management easy and affordable."

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