New Canadian VoIP Provider

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New Canadian VoIP Provider

I came across a new Canadian VoIP service provider (in its infancy?) aptly named "BabyTEL" that is announcing unlimited Canada-U.S. calling for $29.95. This news comes after Bell Canada's announced VoIP plans for a very expensively priced $45/month announced this past March. Their Canadian $29.95/month pricing is roughly U.S.$23 so it is competitvely priced versus other competing VoIP service providers which now all seem to be offering VoIP pricing plans under $30. Since I wasn't aware of this company, I figured I'd share their news release since I'm sure many of my blog readers hadn't heard of them either.

babyTEL™ Aims to Eliminate Long Distance, Announces Comprehensive New Internet Phone Service Pricing

babyTEL, the leading independent Canadian-owned provider of high-speed Internet phone service, is pleased to announce the Canada-U.S. Village, a new pricing plan offering unlimited calling anywhere in Canada and the United States for $29.95 per month.

“There is no question that 2005 is shaping up as the watershed year for the mass adoption of VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) services,” said Stephen Dorsey, babyTEL President and CEO. “By expanding the babyTEL Village™ to include the U.S., babyTEL and our partners are leading the way to eliminate long distance charges and provide choices for consumers and business.”

In March, Bell Canada unveiled its first VoIP service to some customers in Quebec offering unlimited calling across Canada and the U.S. for $45 per month.

babyTEL’s $29.95 Canada-U.S. Village package includes a vast array of features, including: call waiting, call forwarding, conference calling, voice mail, voice-to-e-mail integration, online account management and more.

Another first in the marketplace is babyTEL’s new multiple devices for a single line. This means customers can have a telephone handset at home, a handset at a recreational property and a so-called “soft phone” for laptop computers with all tied to the same number. This unique premium service is $4.95 a month more.

Canadians can access babyTEL’s VoIP service directly at or through many independent Internet Service Providers and cable companies.

“babyTEL has been the backbone of our VoIP service since its launch in 2004 and this is another bold step in the evolution of Internet phone service,” said Jacques Perron, General Manager of CCAP, a Quebec City based ISP and Cable TV cooperative. “You don’t even have to be in the Village to get unlimited calls because your phone travels with you to Paris, London, Hong Kong or wherever.”

“We are thrilled to offer our loyal customers leading-edge voice over IP service at such competitive prices,” said Dave Berzins, President of Calgary-based Nucleus Information Service Inc., the largest independent ISP in Western Canada.
Beyond the Canada-U.S. Village, babyTEL offers customers plans from as little a $10.95 per month.

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