New SIP Softphone from Adoresoft

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New SIP Softphone from Adoresoft

Came across this new softphone client from Adoresoft in a post on the VoIP Forums. The softphone client is creatively called Adoresoftphone. (some places on their site have a space in the name, i.e. Adore softphone, so not sure the precise product name)

According to their website it has the following features:
- Customized skin interfaces
- Call timer
- Display Balance
- Last Number Redial
- Local signaling (Dial tone, busy, ring back, etc.) for user comfort
- Touch Tone
- Address Book
- Micro Phone Volume Control
- Speaker Volume Control
- Small application
- Work with any full-duplex sound card
- USB hand set and headset support
- NAT/Firewall support, stable SIP RTP ports
- Specify NAT IP to be written in SIP messages
- Auto-configuration of settings for easy deployment
- STUN support for NAT detection and classification
- Configuration Wizard
- Uses NEW RFC 3261 compliant stack

Anyone ever hear of them? Post a comment if you've heard of them or used their softphone.

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