New Snom 190 VoIP phone

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New Snom 190 VoIP phone

Snom 190 voip phone

snom 190 VoIP phone

Rich Tehrani forwarded me this email about a new phone from Snom.
We are delighted to announce the launch of the new snom190 phone. The new IP phone builds on the proven design of the popular snom 200, adding enhanced performance and a lower price.

Performance features include a new acoustic subsystem with full duplex speaker phone and a DSP that supports echo cancelation, a menu of standard codecs and 3-way calling. Each snom 190 comes complete with an autoswitching 110/220V AC Power Pack. Power Over Ethernet is now optional, supported by a new external POE Splitter.

Please check this graphical overview of the highlights of the new snom 190.

Codec and voice processing have moved to the DSP, snom has utilized available CPU cycles on additional security features making the new snom190 the most secure IP business phone in the market today. The new snom190 features HTTPS for phone management, SIPS (equivalent of https: for SIP signaling) and SRTP secure encrypted RTP streams (VPN for RTP streams).

We have been testing the phone in-house for 2 months and are very happy with its performance. We all love the new speakerphone! For more technical details, visit:

The new snom 190 POE Splitter operates with our Red-Hawk 24 Port IEEE Midspan POE device that can now provide POE to both snom 200 and 190 Phones.

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