New Telecom Bill for VoIP

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New Telecom Bill for VoIP

During a keynote address at a VoIP conference, Senator John Sununu announced his intention to introduce legislation aimed at simplifying the regulation of voice-over-IP (VoIP), as part of a larger telecom reform bill. He stated it is planned for next year's new session of Congress.

Sununu said that he and other congressional leaders, including Sen. John McCain, and Sen. Ted Stevens, are already planning to tackle telecom regulation once the elections are over.

He pointed out that while the RBOCs are in as strong to deploy VOIP technology, "The problem is, from their perspective, this is a purely cannibalistic product," Sununu said. "It completely supplants their existing product offerings."

Earlier this year, Sununu submitted a bill that sought to remove potential regulatory restrictions on VoIP, however it was amended to death in the Senate's commerce committee. He also discussed the immediate need for reform on Universal Service Fund contributions and intercarrier compensation.

"This is not something we can spend 10 or 20 years on," Sununu said, pointing out the dramatic impact VoIP has had on telecom already. "This is real today," Sununu said. "There are challenges, but they can and will be overcome in the next two years."

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