Nimbuzz Still Growing - Even Without Skype

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Nimbuzz Still Growing - Even Without Skype

According to Nimbuzz, since July of 2010, more than 28 million new users joined Nimbuzz. That amounts to an impressive 100,000 new users every day and they've doubled in size in year to 50 million users. That's even with Skype telling Nimbuzz to buzz off and remove Skype integration.

Of course, even with Skype integration removed, Nimbuzz still supports Facebook, Yahoo, Windows Live, Google Talk, AIM, and others. So it's still a popular mobile VoIP and instant messaging app.

Still, without Skype support, I'd expect Nimbuzz's growth to slow a bit. Then again, it still does a good job of consolidating all your various IM / VoIP networks into a single mobile app. Guess we'll see come 2012 if their user growth slows. I'm still hoping Microsoft, the new owners of  Skype, will change their minds and allow apps like Nimbuzz or fring (who also got the boot) to connect to the Skype network.

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