Nimcat Networks Roars to Light

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Nimcat Networks Roars to Light

I sat down at a conference breakfast at Internet Telephony Expo at a table with two other gentlemen. The gentleman to my right saw my TMC badge and asked if I was with TMC. I explained that I was in charge of TMC Labs and that I did VoIP articles, VoIP and call center/CRM product reviews, as well as a VoIP blogger here.

When he gave me his business card which said "Mahshad Koohgoli - CEO - Nimcat Networks", I said to him, "You guys have a peer-to-peer phone solution similar to Popular Telephony's Peerio, don't you?"

Mahshad was a little taken aback and said, "I'm impressed. We haven't done any marketing. Really just stealth marketing, so I am surprised you have heard of us."

I just patted myself on the back and said to myself, "Yup, yeah well, finding stealth VoIP companies - that's why they pay me the big bucks!" Just kidding. I'm really not that cocky. Really...

Truth be told, I got lucky as to how I found out about Nimcat Networks, but if I shared with you how, I'd have to kill you. (cockiness kicking in again)

In any event, we had a great conversation about his company's technology which definitely reminds me of and is very similar in concept to Popular Telephony's Peerio, which I wrote an extensive article about here.

As an aside, the other gentleman sitting at our table was a major West Coast ISP, and he overheard our conversation and joined in because he happened to be looking for such a VoIP solution that Nimcat Networks provides. So I am glad I was able to put vendors and customers together at Internet Telephony Expo. If Nimcat signs a multi-million dollar deal with this ISP, I'll just take a 10% cut. There I go again... (cockiness)

I have to say that Internet Telephony Expo has become the premiere VoIP conference / tradeshow event when it comes to networking and hob-nobbing with industry big-wigs. Even with the Yankee and Red Sox playoff games going on in the bar next door, the networking receptions were packed with people partying and networking. Internet Telephony Expo has always been the best VoIP tradeshow for vendors to find truly interested buyers. Part of that has to do with our 40,000 Internet Telephony Magazine subscribers, including many potential buyers hearing about the great products that will be exhibited at the show.

In any event, he then told me that they have some actual deployments, including some phone manufacturers. Aastra Telecom phones actually have Nimcat Networks technology embedded inside. I'm going to go to Aastra's booth in a few minutes for a demo and then post my commentary when I get back.

I also asked him why the name "Nimcat" if it had some ethereal or deeper meaning. He told me it stood for "nimble cat" or a "lion". Whether Nimcat Networks is ready to "pounce" on some of their competitors and roar into the VoIP industry remains to be seen. But the fact that he has the #1 VoIP blogger (me) in the world bringing their stealth marketing to "light" can't hurt. There I go again... with the cockiness! (flashing back to Ronald Reagan's "There you go again" as I type that

p.s. Hopefully my feigned cockiness and attempt at humor was found to be humorous. If not, feel free to trash my style in the Comments. My ego can take it!

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