NIST VoIP Security Report

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NIST VoIP Security Report

Here's an interesting excerpt from a ComputerWorld article.

A new report from the National Institute of Standards and Technology urges federal agencies and other organizations to take care in switching to voice-over-IP technology because of security concerns.

The 99-page NIST report, "Security Considerations for Voice over IP Systems," includes nine recommendations for IT managers to help them implement VoIP in a secure manner. "Lower cost and greater flexibility are among the promises of VoIP for the enterprise, but VoIP should not be installed without careful consideration of the security problems introduced," the report says.

"Administrators may mistakenly assume that since digitized voice travels in packets, they can simply plug VoIP components into their already-secure networks and remain secure. However, the process is not that simple," the report says.

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Check out the Full story:
NIST report urges caution with VoIP security - Computerworld

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