OctroTalk Launches

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OctroTalk Launches

OctroTalk Multiple Buddies on separate IM servicesOctroTalk mobile instant messaging client features connectivity to Google Talk/Jabber with MSN, AIM, ICQ and Yahoo, IM capabilities, VoIP, P2P file transfer, folder sharing, quick picture messaging, and more.

OctroTalk works over both low-bandwidth and high-bandwidth connections, including  GPRS/EDGE/CDMA/WiFi/Bluetooth data connections. OctroTalk supports a low bandwidth codec with low CPU usage requirements so it runs quite well on smart phone devices. It currently runs on Windows Mobile smartphones, Windows Mobile Pocket PC, and Symbian S60 3rd Edition. OctroTalk features an easy to use user interface that supports one handed operation and 5-way navigation. OctroTalk currently supports GoogleTalk/Jabber, MSN, AIM, ICQ and Yahoo.

Interestingly, when you logout from the Google/Jabber account, the application will automatically log you off from all your accounts including MSN, AOL, ICQ and Yahoo. You can be connected to MSN, AOL, ICQ or Yahoo only when you are connected to Google Talk/Jabber. I guess Google Talk/Jabber must act as the mediation to the other IM services.

In any event, OctroTalk allows you to have multiple IM sessions going on simultaneously which will appear as tabs, as seen here:

OctroTalk Multiple chat tabs

One cool feature is that If you are using the Google Talk account, then for your Google Talk buddies you can archive your chat conversations and search an information in your Gmail account. Another cool feature is the ability to share a folder as seen here:

OctroTalk Share Folder

Emoticons are supported (comes with the Microsoft MSN Messenger emoticons). Initiating a VoIP call is pretty easy to do. Here's a screenshot of a VoIP call being initiated:
OctroTalk Start VoIP call

The only limitation is that you can only VoIP someone with a Google Talk/Jabber account. It doesn't support VoIP connectivity with MSN, AIM, ICQ, or Yahoo.

With OctroTalk you can create or join chat conference rooms. It appears that OctroTalk hosts the conference rooms but it can support other services. The conference rooms only support IM and not VoIP. I'd like to see group conferencing with VoIP capabilities in a future release. Of course, that would require MCUs and possibly some heavy transcoding, but it's certainly a feature people want.

Summary of Features:
  • Always on connected to Google Talk/Jabber with MSN, AIM, ICQ and Yahoo transports
  • Complete VOIP product. Access to PSTN.
  • Supports Low Bandwidth Codec (even works with EDGE/GPRS/CDMA).
  • Streamlined UI. Optimized for one-handed operation. Today Screen on Pocket PC. Home Screen support for Smartphone.
  • Extremely fast P2P file transfer. Quick picture messaging. 
  • Low CPU usage. Only VOIP product that works on Treo 700w (300 MHz processor).
  • Secure and Encrypted connection to GoogleTalk. Google Talk messages are encrypted using industry standard TLS/SSL.
  • Message Archiving in your GMail Account.
  • Share files with your buddies (automated file transfer).
  • Access your computer remotely. Install OctroTalk for Windows on your desktop, and share a folder with OctroTalk on your Mobile.
  • Support for GroupChat/Conferencing. OctroTalk lets you create/join Jabber conference rooms.

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