One VoIP show down, one more to go!

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One VoIP show down, one more to go!

We've got one VoIP show down and another one to go! VON was a great warm up to what is going to be happening at Internet Telephony Conference & Expo in just a few weeks. As the end of the year approaches many VoIP vendors are looking to launch before the year is out - due to budgetary reasons - so I expect a lot of major announcements coming out of this next VoIP tradeshow, which is also the last VoIP show before the end of the year.

Rich Tehrani, who has been at this trade show biz for over 15 years, just blogged about some impressive attendance demographics expected at the next Internet Telephony Expo titled "The UN of VoIP". At first I thought he meant the United Nations was using VoIP, but logic dictated that the bureaucracy of the U.N. and the source of the largest fraud in human history would never use a cost-saving measure such as VoIP. (and to think of all the international dialing the U.N. does too)

In any event, check out the impressive demographics Rich cites for the next Internet Telephony Expo:

Expect about 2,000 service providers – tier 1,2,3. These are cable companies, ILECS, wireless providers, WiMAX providers, etc.

Expect 2,000 enterprise/government customers. Many of the Fortune class companies will be there along with SMBs.

Expect 2,000 resellers. These are interconnects and international resellers looking to make money selling VoIP products and services.

Expect 1,500 developers/industry/venture capitalists/financial people.

He also cites over 100 analysts + press/journalists attending the show. more...

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